Gifts for Writers

Gifts For Writers

Getting a novel done really is a dream come true for many people. If your friend, relative or other half has a novel inside of them, help them make this the year they write it. 

Surprise someone you love with the best gift ever - The Ninety Day Novel ® plan and a year's membership of Kritikme. Your beloved writer will be guided through the entire process of writing their novel from start to finish in ninety days, with daily lessons online and one to one sessions with their tutor Louise not to mention the support from the group of writers writing alongside each other at Kritikme. It's the support that makes this unique course such a success story.

Let us have a mailing address and we will send you a Kritikme card to present to your loved one for a guaranteed big smile on their big day.

It's the writing course writers describe as 'life-changing.' Take a look at the Testimonials page.

If you have any questions, do feel free to book a quick call at our Chat Booking page.

(Ps. The lady in the video was given this gift by her husband.)

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