The Novel in Ninety

Take the next step to completing your novel with success. Join other writers and finish your novel within ninety days. Daily guidance. Inspiring lessons. Supporting you all the way to 'The End.'

These phases follow the natural pattern of writing a novel.

After preparing your mind with the deceptively gentle  ‘Inspiration and Preparation’ phase, my method is to get you as quickly as possible onto solid conceptual ground, keen to write your book, with clarity of purpose, expressed in a 'nutshell'.

The ‘Construction’ phase will introduce you to some important elements to consider to make sure that you’re not missing anything obvious (or wonderful). I show you how I start work in a v-log and with carefully explained written instructions.

In the ‘Swim’ phase we look closely at three books from great writers who wrote novels in weeks and I teach you from inside their work, giving you their top five tricks a piece. You can use their techniques to give your writing momentum.

The ‘Heat’ phase puts some fire under the pot to bypass the middle of the novel writing 'sag' that happens to writers who don't have proper support. This is where so many fall by the way side at about 30k words. Not at Kritikme! 

The ‘Enlightenment’ phase will stretch your writing craft skills to great new heights.

The 'Home' phase, will take you all the way through to the finish with a runner’s high, delivering you to the front door of your novel.

The success rate of The Ninety Day Novel plan is extraordinary thanks to the combination of factors which work together like a tightly knit safety net. No other course has the unique combination of coaching, commitment, and community. 

The course starts whenever you choose, and you can pause and resume when you like. It's yours to keep for a lifetime.

Make a commitment to get that novel done, today.


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