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The Ninety Day Plan

How to write a novel from 'what if' to 'the end'. I will guide you day by day to write a first draft of a novel whilst holding down the day job. The irreverent and quick-fire content will refresh even the most jaded writer. With its beautiful, inspiring content and its smooth technological platform, is a great place to write your novel. Sign up, sit back, and look forward to getting serious about your novel and achieving success.

You will need fifteen minutes a day to watch and read the daily coaching either on your iPad, mobile phone, laptop or desktop. The daily tutorials on different aspects of the writing process are timed and planned to coincide with every step of the writing of the first draft. (You should aim to set aside an hour a day for writing.)  You'll enjoy group support on site where you can communicate with other members and your coach. There are plenty of opportunities for feedback. You'll find us every other Sunday - live - online for our 'how was your writing week' round-up of each other's news and any 'ask the coach' questions and you can meet up at events with your fellow writers. You'll plan your writing month and review your progress direct with your coach by video phone. The monthly planning phone call with your coach will fire your ambitions for the novel and keep you on course.

Serious writers of every genre, age, experience and ability join the course every week, so you'll find you're in good company for your big write. 

I'll soon have you writing daily and by the end of ninety days you could have in your hands the first draft of your manuscript not to mention a new love of the writing life.

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The Six Phases of Novel Writing at Kritikme 

There are six phases to the course which follow the natural pattern of writing a novel.

After preparing your mind with the preliminary ‘Inspiration and Preparation’ phase, my method is to get you as quickly as possible onto solid conceptual ground, keen to write the book, with clarity of purpose. I will hold you back from writing for a couple of weeks to make sure your idea is as hard and tight as it can be and you have the tools to hand. The ‘Construction’ phase will introduce you to some important elements to consider to make sure that you’re not missing anything obvious (or wonderful). Then you start work and I show you how I start work in a v-log and with carefully explained written instructions. In the ‘Swim’ phase we look closely at three books from great writers (who wrote novels fast) and I teach you from inside their work, giving you their top five tricks a piece (Muriel Spark, John Fowles and Jack Kerouac.) You can use their techniques to give your writing momentum. A little bit of fire is put under your pot in the ‘Heat’ phase to bypass the inevitable middle of the novel writing 'sag' that happens to writers who don't have proper support. This is where so many fall by the way side. Not at Kritikme! The ‘Enlightenment’ phase will stretch your writing to new heights. The last phase, The 'Home' phase, will take you all the way through to the finish with a runner’s high, delivering you to the front door of your novel.

Unlike other textbook type courses, put together by people who aren't working novelists, you will learn 'on the job' to take the rough with the smooth and work with it. ( If you live with the harder times, you will find they have surprises hidden inside them. I will show you where to dig.) This is a practical course; it's hands on and it works.

As for me and my teaching style? I'm a working novelist and I learnt my craft on the job with plenty of hits and misses over twenty years. I am a down to earth debunker. I turn a lot of old platitudes on their heads and get my writers over ‘fear of plot’  fast. (I have a rather controversial view on it, you see.)  I am here to roll my sleeves up and chat about your problems when you need me. I'm your work mate, here for you,  working alongside you, keeping it fun.

You’ll find the course exhilarating just like our other members do. The success rate is extraordinary thanks to the combination of factors which work together like a tightly knit safety net. No other course has the killer combination of coach, commitment, and community not to mention my personal passion for seeing your novel come to life.

I recognise this is your most ‘tender enterprise’ and it’s my great privilege to be with you for the journey, so thank you for trusting me. I won’t let you down. Sign up and let's do this!