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The safe place for serious writers. Where writers develop their work thanks to valuable feedback from other writers. 

The Members Lodge has various 'rooms' including:

  • members' workroom - a place to get 'kritik' on your work chapter by chapter from fellow writers 
  • professional services - get paid 'kritik' from published professional writers and literary agents and agree terms directly with them for fast, useful manuscript advice. Professional writers can offer services to other writers here. Enroll here.
  • submissions - publications asking for submissions from Kritikme members, particularly graduates of the Novel in 90 course
  • product reviews by members of software, hardware and tools for writers
  • music playlists suggested by members
  • novel development encouragement - 'Cruise Control' - with tips, posts and vlogs for second draft success for Kritikme Novel in 90 graduates
  • reading lists
  • 'lunch dates' - fix up lunch with fellow writers for research purposes! Post your research needs - ie seeking someone who grew up in Ireland in the 1970's - and see who can help you and meet you for lunch on you to give you the low down...
  • tech help
  • emergency services for writers with the wobbles

As a member you can join our closed group on Facebook and join us for our events, cocktails in London and online chats every other Sunday evening where writers discuss their 'writing weeks' and share tips with each other and get advice from the Novel in 90 coach, Louise Dean.

Use it as a forum to share your ideas with other members and gain from their experiences.

Enjoy being part of a friendly community of novelists.

Give good kritik! Get good kritik! Join us today!