Graduate Plans

These are the special saver plans for graduates of the courses giving you ongoing access to the course you have taken.

Please note ongoing access to a particular course is only available to those who have taken that course.

If you would like to take advantage of these offers, simply cancel your previous subscription in your settings, then sign up for your new plan.

You can log in to your account > Click on Avatar > Click Settings > on the settings page, then click on the "Credit Card Info" tab >.  You should be able to manage your subscriptions from there. The page is also accessible via
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The Novel Combi.

Monthly Access For Graduates of The Ninety Day Novel + Membership at £19.99

The Classic Combi.

Monthly Access to The Classic + Membership at £19.99

The Novel Journey

Annual Access to The Ninety Day Novel ® course for graduates at £129.99

The Classic Journey

Annual Access to The Classic course for graduates at £129.99

Monthly Access To The Ninety Day Novel

Monthly access for graduates of the course at £10.99 a month.

Monthly Access to The Classic course for graduates of the course at 10.99

Monthly Membership at £14.99 a month

Annual Membership at £149 a year

Personal Tutoring at £299 a month. 

Your Manuscript Makeover at £675. A complete overhaul.

Get to final draft with a point of view and proposal for completion from Louise covering:

  • the story, narrative arc and moral journey
  • the point of view, perspective and narrative voice
  • the prose style, quick decisive tips on how to bring pace excitement and beauty  to your prose with examples given and a revised edit of the first chapter 
  • the characters, ensuring they're 3-dimensional, as scintillating and flawed as real people, an examination of their longings, needs, wants and moral range with suggestions for development
  • the plot - events, dear writer, events - do they put your protagonist under sufficient pressure that they must change, and have no alternative but to face their problems?
  • good and bad - bringing excitement with the light and dark side of human nature at work in every chapter
  • chaptering - have you ended at the sweet spot of the dying fall or the cliffhanger - how to make sure your chaptering chimes with your theme
  • theme - get clarity on your theme and how your argument can be turned to have maximum reader appeal
  • pitching your novel - get a paragraph from me which you can use to pitch your novel for commercial success with agents and publishers 
  • a plan of action for development in just one more draft 
  • Membership of Kritikme is included for 3 months.

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