"All autobiography is storytelling, all writing is autobiography."

J.M Coetzee

"It's probably natural for readers to move into writing, and that's essentially what happened to me. Creating people out of nothing and putting them on paper seemed like an amusing and interesting thing to do. Writing novels is a great deal of fun. The play element in it for me is very large. "

Annie Proulx

"When I used to teach creative writing, I would tell the students to make their characters want something right away—even if it’s only a glass of water. Characters paralyzed by the meaningless of modern life still have to drink water from time to time. "

Kurt Vonnegut

"Whatever you're meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible."

Doris Lessing

"What makes a novel feel vital is when it comes into being as it is written, in much the same way as the moment occurs as it is lived. So what I was doing was writing blindly, unknowing of what would come next."

Karl Ove Knausgaard

"I write a lot of material that I know I’ll throw away. It’s just part of the process. I have to write hundreds of pages before I get to page one."

Barbara Kingsolver

"My novel took up the sweetest part of my mind and the rarest part of my imagination; it was like being in love and better. All day long when I was busy ... I had my unfinished novel personified almost as a secret companion and accomplice following me like a shadow wherever I went, whatever I did."

Muriel Spark

"The scariest moment is always just before you start."

Stephen King

"It is only when our characters and events begin to disobey us that they begin to live."

John Fowles

"Each book is, in a sense, an argument with myself, and I would write it, whether it is ever published or not."

Patricia Highsmith

"I have been a man who is always about to go into a room and write. That's where I'd rather be, most of the time"

Hanif Kureishi

"No tricks."

Raymond Carver

The Novel in Ninety

'It's none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.' Ernest Hemingway.

Value Plan

The Novel in Ninety plan with over 100 lessons drip-fed daily.

120 days access to the Novel in Ninety.

3 monthly payments (As with other plans 'no questions' refund within 7 days.)


Standard Plan

A year's access to The Novel in Ninety plan.

3 calls with Louise during your ninety days of writing.

3 months membership of The Members Lodge.


Luxury Plan

Lifetime access to The Novel in Ninety plan.

6 calls with Louise during your ninety days of writing.

One year membership of The Members Lodge.


What's waiting for you inside?

Relax and forget your fear of the blank page or worries about plotting. The short, inspiring, practical lessons will lead you step by step, daily, through the process of writing a novel. Enjoy anywhere on any device. This is where your new life as a successful writer starts.

1. Inspiration and Preparation

We prepare the right frame of mind to start in great shape. Here's where we banish self-doubt and build your confidence

2. Construction

Where do you get your ideas from? Here's the where and how. We make sure your idea is nice and tight before you write. We make a time management plan that works with your lifestyle.

3. The Swim

Casting real people, plotting without plotting, finding the emotional heart of the novel. Keeping faith with your work. Setting the pace. Writer's block? We deal with that old rascal fast.


4. Heat

At about 30,000 words, the writing of a novel can sag. Typically writers give up here. Not at Kritikme! This is where we fire your energy levels by unleashing your wonderful imagination.


5. Enlightenment

Theme. Voice. Style. Perspective. Purpose. Your writing will never be the same again. Your book will be bolder than you imagined. The big surprise here? That you love the writing life.


6. Home

This is where the structure of a plot happens for real working novelists! With our Kritikme Five F's in place, we deliver you to the front door of your finished first draft. You will complete that novel this time. Well done!


Complete Support

This is the creative writing course that builds a writer's confidence. Draw upon the 24/7 live support as much as you need, on your terms. Call time on the burden of isolation. Be productive and have fun.

Louise Dean

The call with Louise has been described by members as being like a big hug. 'I don't do negative. If there's a problem, I can fix it.' Positive, useful, encouragement from a published author with twenty years experience.

The little extras:

You'll have your coach with you all the way and these extra comforts too.

The Buddy Plan

Get matched with a writer like you starting the same time or writing in your genre for accountability and to cheer each other on. Optional, but our buddies become great friends.

Home Retreat Week

One week every season, we book a week off work, down tools at the day jobs and stay home to write. A social media embargo in the morning and evening team chats, it's the way to add serious weight to your manuscript.

Sunday Team Chats

Every other Sunday at 8pm, your tutor Louise hosts a live online team chat. We kick off with 'How was your writing week?' A lot of laughter, sharing of tips and advice for the coming writing week.

The Members Lodge

Discounts on writers' products. Meet publishing professionals and literary agents who want to work with Kritikme grads. Fast feedback on your work from other writers.

Some of the writers you will learn from ...

'Utterly brilliant. Life-changing, in fact. The course, the community and the guide, Louise, are the best things that have ever happened to the writer in me. If you're serious about writing a novel, don't let it roll about for 10 years. Write it in a season, while it's fresh and you're on fire. DO THIS COURSE! I challenge you not to fall in love with it.'

— Rashmi Sirdeshpande

Book a call with Louise

Here's where you get to talk about your dream of becoming a published writer with someone who had the same dream and made it happen. It's free!


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