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'That community has been and continues to be my rock, my inspiration, my much-needed giggle on a slow day.'

— Rashmi Sirdeshpande

What's in it for you?

The friendly road to published success! A community of novelists at work alongside you. Where writers get readers who are writers. Where aspiring and published authors meet publishing professionals. Here are some of the features of the writers membership that pays its own way.

Get Feedback

Feedback on your work is kindly and fast. This is where Kritikme began - with the mission to get writers to help writers After all, who better? Head to The Members Work Room to read some fine work. You're amongst friends.

Professional Services

Publishing professionals are offering Kritikme writers their advice, editorial reviews of manuscripts, assessments of the submission package, copy editing, proofreading and more at 'weekend' rates. 

Membership includes PR for our writers to start their writing careers.

Product Reviews and Discounts

With special discounts for members of Kritikme on products like Scrivener and services like Reedsy, this is the membership that pays its way.

Members' reviews of writers' software and products.

Prizes and Awards

Listings of prizes, awards and competitions available to novelists writing in the English language, updated continually.

The Cruise

Welcome aboard the second draft! This is the maintenance plan for graduates of The Novel in Ninety. Enjoy plain sailing as your manuscript advances towards submission to agents and publishers.

Press & Publicity

It's as much about column inches as it is word count. Get your name out across all media, from literary blogs to mainstream news. Mean business when it comes to your career as a published writer. We are here to get you and your story in the press.

Novel Writing Tips

Kritikme founder and tutor Louise shares her novel writing tips on important subjects from plot to prose style in articles, tools and downloads.

The Wobbles

The 'motion sickness' of writing is caused by the gap between your craft skills and your judgement, and the need for constant revision and backtracking as you move forwards. It's normal to wobble, but it doesn't feel good. We have tips and reassurance for wobblers.


Join us for our seasonal drinks events in London at Waterstones Fifth Floor. Enjoy a cocktail and some banter with your fellow writers. Ghost stories, shaggy dog stories and tall tales included.

Home Retreat Week

One week every season, we book a week off work, down tools at our day job and stay home to write. With the social media embargo, and evening team chats, it's the way to be alone in good company!

Sunday Evening Team Chats

Every other Sunday at 8pm, your tutor Louise hosts a live online team chat which you book in for in advance here. We kick off with 'How was your writing week?' Laughter (and sharing of novel writing tips.)

The Members Lodge

Members benefits grow weekly. We're always adding new features to the plan. If you or your company would like to work out an offer to our mutual benefit, do get in touch by email. If you'd like to apply to become one of our 'Profs' please apply using the form at the footer of the page.

Prepare to be published.

Just £149 a year.

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'This is a group of writers who are serious about what they do but not about who they are (which means there's always room for a bit of light hearted banter as well as solid support). I have learnt so much about myself as a writer in the last few months and gained so much in confidence. Cannot praise Kritikme highly enough.'

— Sally Miller

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