Learn the secrets to the Classic.

'Mind blown. On a daily basis.' Sara Bailey, author.

For writers of any genre, ready for adventure.

A journey into your imagination to prepare you to write your children's or adult's classic. Discover the secrets of success of the bestselling works of CS Lewis, JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien, JM Barrie, and more with award winning novelist Louise Dean. 

Enjoy 45 inspiring lessons served on a beautifully designed online platform. Videos, text, exercises, writing prompts, guides and checklists to make sure you have all the ingredients of a work of wonder covered. You will leave the course with your work in progress and a sense of great accomplishment.

The Magic. 

'Failure meant a stripping away of the inessential.'

J.K. Rowling.

Discover the elements essential to the creation of a Classic and how to use them in the right order at the right time as you plan your book step by step using this course. There's a logic to the magic and you will learn it here. Develop your own wonderland, drawing upon your own experience and inner world for an exciting and authentic work of fiction.

How to write a book like Harry Potter

The Plot Thickens

The essential planning and plotting bootcamp for a book with big ambitions. For writers working in any genre but a must-have for Children's, YA, Fantasy, Speculative or Sci-Fi.

How to write a story structure

1. Once Upon A Time

You will learn the great story structure that is the blueprint for the Classic. Get a working model to use to start planning your story immediately. Find out where ideas come from and how to develop them from something small and innocent into something exciting with commercial potential. 

How to write a story process

2. The Process

Draw upon your own  experience to create the main characters of your Classic. Put 'memory' at the service of 'desire' in a combination commonly known as 'imagination'. These inspiring exercises will help you find all you need inside of you. Find a way to write your Classic within a busy working life.

How to write a children's book

3. World Building

What are the things you should include to create an experience of 'wonder' that works a powerful magic? These lessons examine the mechanics of the bestselling works of all time - the Harry Potter series, the Chronicles of Narnia, the Lord of the Rings and more and will guide you what 'set off', where.

Heroes & Villains, Readers & Authors.

How to write a story conflict

4. Heroes & Villains

Drive your plot with conflict. In the 'secondary' worlds of Narnia, Middle-earth, Neverland, Wonderland and more the heroes have common characteristics. The villains exude a charisma. Learn how to pit these apparent opposites against each other for page turning excitement.

Writing a children's book

5. The Reader

Learn how to write for your reader to give them an out-of-this-world,  immersive experience. When you know what they need from you as a writer and why your story could save their inner lives, you will reach more readers with a message that touches their hearts and minds.

How to become an author

6. The Author

Find out how the great authors told their stories, walk in their footsteps and plunder their toolkits. The sources of inspiration and the working methods are revealed. Leave the course with a big idea, new material, a plan and a plot and  a thrilling confidence in the book you're about to write. The book of your life. 

Ready For Take Off!

With practical and inspiring lessons, checklists, exercises and materials provided along the way, you will leave the course ready for departure with a bag packed for the adventure of a lifetime. You will have a big idea with your logline or hook created and signed off by the coach, a writing plan and material that amazes you. Your journey has more than begun and the joy of writing fiction will feel very real to you.

Check in
Writing for children plan

100% Five Star Customer Reviews

"So enlightening!"

'Life changing, and life enhancing. It's easy to get an idea for a book. What's truly exciting is growing and developing that idea in the company of others, and with such a generous and supportive guide as Louise. A wonderful analysis of what makes a classic, and what makes it so successful. And I've come away with a really interesting and engrossing idea of my own that I can't wait to pursue.' Cate Guthleben.

'If you are serious about writing, this should be compulsory. It takes you back to the roots of why we all started writing in the first place - those books we read as children. Mind blown! On a daily basis. Louise is either a witch or a genius - the jury's out ;) ' Sara Bailey.

'Fast and intense scholarship looking at the roots and big stars of the genre. It's a stand-alone, totally original class in creating a classic fantasy. The lessons are stunning and gorgeous to look at, to read and to listen to. The ideas and revelations are so generous... igniting my own in so many ways.' Ann Hodson.

'This course has been so enlightening! I have a goal, a road-map, the beginnings of characters I love and a magical world I want to explore and adorn. The course gives you a laser focus; a feeling that writing a book like this is actually doable - that writing from a space of humility and wonderment, I have every right to aim high; and a clear sense of direction and next steps.' Rashmi Sirdeshpande.

''There are many online courses out there, but Kritikme provides real assistance in getting thoughts organised and sound approaches to getting the Classic structured for success.' Marie Gethins.



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Louise Dean.

Award Winning Author And Course Tutor.







Louise Dean studied history at Cambridge majoring in 19th Century Novels. Her own novels have been published internationally by Penguin, Simon & Schuster and others. Man Booker longlisted. Winner of The Society of Authors Betty Trask Prize, Winner Le Prince Maurice Prize. Nominated for The Guardian First Book Prize, the Dublin IMPAC Literary Award. An Oprah Book Club choice. 

'A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story.'

C.S. Lewis





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'The Bird & Baby' was the affectionate nickname given to The Eagle & Child pub where The Inklings met. (The Inklings were an informal Oxford-based literary group which included Tolkien and CS Lewis.) 

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