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'That dream of writing a novel isn’t a dream anymore it’s my daily reality thanks to this course. Just like her course, Louise is accessible and down to earth. She’s human. Before I thought authors weren’t necessarily human, otherworldly, but no they are humans who show up to the page and write every day!'

Ros Try-Hane, Film Critic.

Let's talk about how to write your novel

  • Will I be taught how to write a novel step by step? 
  • I've written novels and been published, will this course give me what I need to improve my novel writing?
  • Does the course cover how to write a novel for beginners?
  • Will it cover the basics like what to write a novel about?
  • Why is it different to the Faber Academy or other courses?
  • Will I get creative writing ideas?
  • I'm on a course and I need some help, advice or feedback
  • I'm on a plan and I'd like to book in for a chat with Louise


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