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The Easy Novel Plan

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Due Now: £69.99 GBP

Daily novel writing guidance from internationally published Man Booker listed author Louise Dean for 90 days. Create your novel step by step on a beautiful world-wide platform online from start to finish, in safe hands. 

Month by month access to over 100 lessons, downloads and videos delivered to you daily.

Cancel your subscription yourself in your account settings at any time.

(Note: The Easy Novel Plan does not include calls with the tutor or membership of the online writers' group - but those can be bolted-on at an extra cost.)

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With 100% Five Star Reviews

“This time two months ago, to the day, I sat down and started a draft. This morning, I finished it. Thank you, Louise! Sixty days. I have you and your brilliance to thank for that. Tomorrow a lie-in then, Monday, the editing starts. Keep going, Kritikme Krew! If this nightowl can get up at 6.30 and write for an hour a day, through redecoration, holidays, upheaval with builders, then anyone can!”

Louise Tucker

“Finally I finished a first draft. Might never have done it if it wasn't for the daily wise words and vlogs from Louise. Inspirational, motivation, and every other word that means you get off your rear and actually get to THE END. Highly recommended for anyone stuck, struggling, or not knowing where to even start!”

Janice Cumberlidge

“Utterly brilliant. Life-changing, in fact. The course, the community and the guide, Louise, are the best things that have ever happened to the writer in me. If you're serious about writing a novel, don't let it roll about for 10 years. Write it in a season, while it's fresh and you're on fire. DO THIS COURSE! I challenge you not to fall in love with it.”

Rashmi Sirdeshpande

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The Easy Novel Plan £69.99 every month
Apply a coupon
Membership £14.99 GBP every month
Due Now £84.98 GBP
Due Now £69.99 GBP

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