Autumn Term

Aug 29, 2018

Autumn Term Begins Here.

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

Albert Camus

For those of us in our prime, Autumn is the season of making good. A season is, according to Stephen King, the right time frame to write a novel. So, it's time to push your novel to completion using our novel school methods:

  • Choose a hero text to guide you in your writing and remain faithful to it while writing your novel. You will ingest the narrative arc almost subconsciously and learn pacing and patience by mirroring the act of writing with the reading of just one novel in depth during the season of your writing. Stay true. On the second and third reading you will see the techniques used more clearly. One of the first things we do at Kritikme is to have you choose the right text for you. A full list is available when you opt in to our mailing list and get a seven day free trial of the warm up to the course. You can find a list of virtuous teaching novels here too.
  • Write one hour a day, no more and no less. Go regularly and use lots of paper. We suggest getting it done before the working day starts or the children and other animals wake.
  • Read before bedtime. You will naturally mimic the writing when you write in the morning.
  • Remember you have TWO pedals. When one fails, turn to the other. Reading loosens the writing bowels wonderfully
  • Get support from kindly strangers, writers. Do not show your work in progress at any time to friends and family. This is a huge mistake. You are vulnerable when you are creating and must protect yourself. Choose the cosy interior of the Kritikme Members Lodge to share your worries, wobbles, woes and get slaps on the back, high fives and complete support around the clock worldwide. Don't write without support. I have, I did, for twenty years and I can assure you it's better with the company of your fellow writers. We all struggle. We all learn, daily. if you don't believe me, read what this crowd say about it.

Term Timetable.

This term at Kritikme sees a big push by most members to complete their first drafts and many members are finishing second drafts and getting ready to submit. We take submission to agents very seriously at Kritikme and support our members with our own insider tips on agents based on experience, and as a team we vet pitch letters, the synopsis and first three chapters. It's important to get as many wise eyes on your submission package as possible before you hit send. I advise compiling a list of agents (see the blog on writers tools for suggested website directories) of about 10-20. Hit your least preferred agents first. If you get a bite, good, now you can use the same material to hit your top preferences. If you get rejected, hope for a non-standard letter, which is valuable to you as will help you hone your offering and spot any potential problems. Our process is such that we put a great deal of effort into your concept and its chances of commercial success at Kritikme before you start writing. We make sure it's succinct, compelling and viable by working on 'the hook' for a couple of weeks. A smart investment of your time. Many of us, and I include myself, have written hundreds of thousand words in errant pursuit of a duff idea. If you're uncertain about your idea, put in a call to me either as part of your course membership or make a quick free 15 minute call if you're thinking about joining us, and I'll tell you what I think and offer some ideas on how to make it better.

23 September 2018 - Our seasonal Home Retreat Week for members begins with writers at home from work, a social media embargo until 2pm daily, online chats in the afternoon and live chats some evenings online.

20th October 2018 - Cocktails in London - All welcome. Details here.

6th November 2018 - 11th November 2018 - The Bridport Retreat in Dorset. An all-inclusive luxury residential retreat in a manor house in Dorset to coincide with The Bridport Literary Festival. Now sold out, but apply for a place on February's The Full English Retreat, a coached residential retreat in Dorset with tutors Tim Lott, Louise Dean and guest speaker Ian Wallace, international dream expert giving a session of using your dreams for creative inspiration. (Just a few places now remain.)

Writing Tips.

Here is the complete collection of up to date comprehensive writing advice from the orange octopus. Click on any of these lessons, tips and advice and take them when you need them. Wobbling? Head here. Want advice on how to kick off with the first line of your novel. Try 'The Big Easy' method here.

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