A Novel Gift for the Aspiring Writer or Novelist

A Novel Gift?

Oct 12, 2017



Is there someone special in your life you'd like to see a lot less of for three months?

This is the ideal gift for that certain someone.

They say everyone thinks they have a novel in them. Certainly for some people, getting that novel onto paper is a dream come true.This Christmas put your money where their mouth is and get them writing that novel. With over 100 daily lessons timed to coincide with the novel writing process, the Kritikme Novel in Ninety plan has a healthy success rate. The only thing we can't handle is a house move. Do not attempt it in these circumstances! Otherwise you or your friend or loved one only need to fulfil these criteria:

  • you love to read fiction, ideally novels
  • you have access to the internet
  • you can commit ninety days and an hour a day to writing 

The complete Novel in Ninety plan is the most novel gift you can give or get this Christmas. So either link a certain someone to this page - hint hint - or purchase one as a treat for your good self, and make that 'New Year, New You' pledge materialize on the white page.


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