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Katie Khan signed up for our Ninety Day Novel ® course in August 2017. Katie wrote her novel in ninety days. Katie's novel was published by Penguin Transworld in August 2018. Our writers have discovered the way to write a novel with a day job. Join us.

The new way to write a book

Every day, wherever you are, you can tune into a new lesson online given as video and text to guide you to develop your novel. Watch on your phone, ipad or laptop. Set aside an hour a day for writing. You will be guided step by step, day by day.

Writing coach Louise Dean

Louise Dean Coach

From day one - warm-hearted, constructive, encouragement from an award-winning, experienced novelist. The lessons are given by video and text daily on a beautiful online platform and take about 10 minutes. Enjoy them anywhere, even on your commute. They feel intimate - it's you and your coach - and you'll know just what to do when you hit the white page every day for 90 days.

How to start writing a book

1. Inspiration and Preparation

Learn the essential writing habits that will last you a lifetime. You will be guided step by step daily to prepare an exciting solid, commercial novel idea. Find the writing plan that will work for your busy lifestyle. 10 lessons immediately at sign up. Take them at your own speed and feel your confidence grow. 

Write a book online plot

2. Construction

You won't start writing your book until you know your idea is succinct and powerful. Then, we open the novelists' paintbox. Find the emotional heart of your story. Develop the attachment to your novel that will see you through to 'The End'. Begin by building real people not 'characters'. Cherish this special time of your life as you create the vital organs of your novel. 26 daily lessons.

Creative writing point of view

3. The Swim

Now you're in the swim of things and your new process is paying off with fluent, joyful daily writing. Here's where we crack the nuts and bolts of the craft skills. Point of view. Perspective. Voice. Tense. Dialogue. Character and conflict-driven narrative. A forensic look at 3 very famous books written in less than 4 weeks to whet your appetite and ambition. 18 lessons

How to write a novel step by step

4. The Heat Phase

This is where we fire your energy levels, unleash your imagination and set a new pace for productivity to power you through the point where so many aspiring novelists typically lose heart as the plot sags. Not with Kritikme! We raise the stakes in the plot and add serious word count. 8 lessons.


Steps to writing a book - theme

5. Enlightenment

It's time to look up. Enjoy a profound and insightful analysis of the writing of one of the greatest novels of the last 50 years. Now you're standing on the shoulders of giants. You will be taking your writing to a whole new level and you'll begin to feel rather proud of your new work. 17 lessons.


How to write a story plan

6. Home

The big story structure is put in place here as you start to consider the shape of the story that has surprised you so far. Time to make sure it chimes with the ancient storytelling structure that meets reader's inner needs. Checklists and weatherproofing. Everything you need is here to get you to the end of your first draft. 21 lessons.


Writing course support

Complete Support

This is the confidence-building creative writing course. Never clichéd, not stuffy, but fun and practical. Drop into the vibrant and kindly community and draw upon the 24/7 live online support of a cosy community of published and aspiring writers. Lean on us as much as you need, on your terms. Feel the love.

Ninety Day Novel ® Plans

Take the award-winning author's course whichever way suits you best. Suitable for writers of any genre of novel and memoirs too, but if you're writing children's or YA, fantasy or historical fiction, check out our Classic course. This is a worldwide online course and we accept all currencies.



or $89 a month

The Ninety Day Novel ® course with over 100 lessons.

- take the lessons at your own pace

- lessons drip-fed daily to coincide with your daily writing

- pay as you go monthly

We accept all currencies worldwide.

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or $190 a month for 3 months

Ninety Day Novel ® course drip-fed daily with over 100 lessons.

- 3 calls with your writing coach Louise Dean 

- 120 days access

- 3 months membership of the writers's community

7 day trial money back guarantee

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or $253 a month for 3 months

Ninety Day Novel ® course drip-fed daily with over 100 lessons.

- 6 calls with your writing coach Louise Dean

- 365 days access

- Annual membership 

7 day trial money back guarantee

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or $508 single payment

Ninety Day Novel ® course with over 100 lessons available immediately in entirety.

- 2 calls with your writing coach Louise Dean

- 120 days access

- 120 days membership

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What's it like to write a novel with Kritikme?

'This course grabs you by the horns and gives you permission to write. Kritikme has planted the seeds to a new way of life for me. I would still be talking about my book now if it wasn’t for Kritikme. I am even referring to myself as a writer now.'

Niki Hamilton.

(Press play below to hear Niki speak.)


Join us and get your novel done.

Sitting comfortably? Then let us begin.

Do I need material before I join?

Nope. Nothing. 

Some writers join us with nothing at all, no material, not even an idea. They produce a novel just the same as those who come with a lot of backstory. Many writers join us when they've lost the plot. 

The first thing we do at Kritikme is to get your story idea honed into one sentence which is the brief to yourself for your writing. This crucial fail-safe first step can save months or years of wasted words. It's all gravy after that. You’re guided through to completion.

Check out our other courses

If you need to come up with the idea for your novel, or you're 'world-building' for Young Adult, Children's, Fantasy, or Historical fiction and you want to plan your book and create material, then go for The Classic Course.

How to write a book

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