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'... and suddenly everything became clear to him.'  Anton Chekhov.


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The new way to write a novel.

The killer combination of award-winning novelist coach, commitment and camaraderie will ensure you crack your novel.

Welcome to Kritikme. I'm Louise Dean and I'm an award-winning Man Booker long-listed novelist and author of four novels published internationally by Simon & Schuster and Penguin in the UK and the USA. This course is designed using my novel writing process which I share with you on a daily drip-fed basis guiding you through the six natural phases of writing a novel as I write mine.

This is a course for busy people. It's suitable for writers at all levels whether you have a work in progress, it's your first, second or third novel, or you're starting from scratch. You will need an hour a day for your writing.

It's not 'text book'; it's practical. Consider it a turbo-charged apprenticeship or a powerful refresher. Cliché-busting and roasting 'old chestnuts' with every lesson, it will bring fresh pace and confidence to your writing. You will benefit from my twenty years of novel writing experience to enrich your love of the craft and fast track your process.

The course starts the moment you sign up so you can begin it anytime. New members start every week. If you prefer or something comes up, you can pause it and take it at your own pace as at the end of ninety days, the course is yours to keep for a lifetime so you can dig back into it when you need it, for each and every novel you write.

The short lessons will get you over conventional issues like 'the voice' and 'fear of plotting' fast. Sit back and relax with daily video blogs and written texts. 

The course offers a wealth of creative writing advice from the best authors including Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, John Steinbeck, Raymond Carver, JM Coetzee, Milan Kundera, Muriel Spark, John Fowles, Joyce Carol Oates, Hanif Kureishi, Barbara Kingsolver and many more.

Your coach and the kindly Kritikme novelists community of fellow writers will give you all the support you need to write the novel of your life. I'll be talking you through your novel plan myself and overseeing your progress to ensure your success. What are you waiting for? Make the best start on your novel, in good company and safe hands.

Make this the year you get your novel done. Sign up below and let's get you on the road to success.


Your coach is award winning (Society of Authors Betty Trask and Le Prince Maurice winner) and Man Booker longlisted novelist Louise Dean whose novels have been published internationally and featured on 'Oprah', A former tutor with the Arvon Foundation, you're in safe hands. Get the very best coach you can afford.


You'll be writing every day for an hour. The carefully structured novel writing plan will take you through six phases of writing a novel you from 'what if' to 'the end' in 90 days. The refreshing practical directions given as daily guidance will keep you on track. You'll hone idea to the point that it's so smart you long to write your novel. 


You'll be writing alongside other writers hard at work cheering you on all the way. Camaraderie will cut months off your writing time. With the help and fellowship of other serious writers and your coach Louise you're far more likely to succeed than working alone. Enjoy Sunday team chats and on site support. This is the new way to write a novel; it's been built for success.

Write a novel with confidence starting today.

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Get kind supportive feedback on your work from fellow writers.

Novel writing tips, product reviews and discounts, research dates, events and group chats online.

Trial mini-plan of The Ninety Day Plan.

Enjoy fellowship. Support, share and encourage writers' work. Be part of the unique new novelists' community. 

Raise your writing game to a professional level in the company of published writers.

Get matched with published writers and literary agents who can offer their services for manuscript evaluation.

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Daily step by step novel writing tuition - ready when you are!

Over 100 lessons drip-fed daily to coincide with the real novel writing process. Text and video tutorials and downloads - yours to keep for a lifetime.

Team chats online every other Sunday.

A monthly planning call with Louise.

Membership plan included for 90 days.

Emergency Services.



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Intensive personal tutoring.

A custom plan to take your novel from an idea through to submission.

Weekly one-to-one coaching and VIP/hotline service with your coach on hand.

Over 100 lessons available immediately to take at your own speed.

Team chats every other Sunday.

Membership of Kritikme.

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"I'm so glad I found Kritikme, it was exactly what I needed to enable me to stay motivated and get my novel finished (in 56 days!) I love the daily posts and it's interesting watching an established author such as Louise going through the process of getting her next novel down. With Louise, you have a fabulous tutor, mentor and friend all in one, and I'd highly recommend anyone struggling to get their novel finished to take the course."

Janice Cumberlidge

"This time two months ago, to the day, I sat down and started a draft. This morning, I finished it. Thank you, Louise! 60 days. I have you and your brilliance to thank for that. "

Louise Tucker

"I am thrilled to have written my novel in 90 days. In fact it was 82 days. It was highly motivating to be part of a literary movement whose promise was to not let anything stand in our way. Thanks to Louise and the rest of the Krew for their ongoing support"

Babar Javed

"This Kritikme journey is first class travel. Your guide knows what lies ahead, but has retained her thirst for the unexpected, she is discovering just as much as you are. Your travel companions become your kinfolk. The surroundings are plush and beautifully designed. The view every morning is new, your energy is high, you travel fast, trust the voyage to reveal what it needs to and leave behind the voices that have held you back. I managed to leave the inner critic behind very early in the process. That's down to Louise. I don't know how she did it, but it's the first time ever."

Sam Hudson

"When I joined this course, I had no idea whether I’d find the time to write, much less an idea I wanted to write about. We’re now just over a month along and I have my idea, characters, and a plot outline.I feel alive, inspired and creative again. That’s all thanks to Louise. This course has way exceeded my expectations: it’s given me my joy back."

Lindsey Pitt
San Francisco

"This is a really great product. Writing is lonely and there's actually no reason why it should be. I hope this proves that you don't have to be a tortured soul, alone in a garret to write a decent novel."

R Ryan

"This course will get your book written! Louise listens, encourages and gives good critical feedback not some airy fairy feedback but something that makes sense...she’s all about getting it done. This course is a whimper free zone. She explains how and why things should be done in a certain way - the process. Through a whole written process, videos and even chats with Louise it finally fell into place for me. That dream of writing a novel isn’t a dream anymore it’s my daily reality thanks to this course. Just like her course, Louise is accessible and down to earth. "

Ros Try-Hane
Film critic, writer, lawyer

"I've always fantasised about writing a novel. I thought I had it in me but never found the right time to test it. Always believing that I was too busy. Kritikme gave me the inspiration and help to finally do it... when it is finished I will be rewarded with a huge sense of achievement. "

Rob Wainwright

"Precise, authoritative and elegant guidance. Kritikme has turned out to be the blow up armbands of my writing life right now!"

G. Fryzer

"It's going to be like training for a marathon. Except you'll be writing your novel!"

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